Construction Management

Bellaire Braes Water Plant, Houston, TX


ZESI supervise the demolition of existing ammonia feed pump system and day tank, and provided oversight on the installation of a new 36-inch surface water line and meter run. The project also included the installation of a new chlorinator and chlorine feed line as well as the communication system.


HCFCD South Service Center, Harris County, TX


ZESI has performed complete construction management services including management and inspection for the HCFCD on the South Service Center. The project included repairs to the wash bay and fuel island. The RS Means cost estimating program was used for this project. The construction cost estimate for this project is $1 million.


HCTRA Park Row Paving Project, Houston, TX


ZESI performed complete construction management services and inspection for HCTRA on the Park Row Paving project. This project includes paving, signals, traffic control, SW3P, and underground utilities. ZESI used Suretrak for the scheduling and the Captract management system for HCTRA. This project involved close coordination with TxDOT, HCTRA, the City of Houston and their design consultant for the IH10 project. The construction cost estimate is $1.9 million.






City of Houston Kirkwood Project, Houston, TX


ZESI was a sub consultant for construction management services including inspection for the Kirkwood project. This project included paving and utility improvements. CIPMS was used for this project.


CM for Water Treatment Plan and Transmission Lines, SJRA, TX


ZESI is a sub consultant for providing construction administration services for the Montgomery County ground water reduction/surface water conversion program. The Groundwater Reduction Plan Division is responsible for implementing a countywide program that will meet the requirements of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District to substantially reduce future groundwater usage from the Gulf Coast Aquifer by ensuring a reliable, long-term diversified portfolio of alternative water supply sources for all of Montgomery County. The GRP Division will utilize a number of alternative water strategies, including conservation, reuse of treated wastewater effluent, groundwater from all Gulf Coast Aquifers including the Catahoula Aquifer (and possibly other remote groundwater sources), and surface water from Lake

Conroe (and possibly other surface water sources). Phase 1 of the GRP strategy will include the design, construction, operation, maintenance, and administration of a water treatment plant and transmission system that will treat raw surface water to drinking water standards, and then deliver treated water to cities and utilities within Montgomery County. The Construction Administration and Inspection (CA & I) team is responsible for making sure that the contractor is following the engineer’s designs. Also, CA & I keeps communication open between Contractor and Engineer to make sure that the project is built to the Engineers specifications and drawing standards

for the San Jacinto River Authority. The role of ZESI is Document Control. ZESI is responsible for tracking and coordinating program documents including such things as submittals, requests for information, and field orders. In addition we are responsible for keeping track of all documents in logs that are kept up on a “live” basis and updated on SJRA’s electronic document control system (DSC), SharePoint. The DCS also aides in keeping up and distributing any drawings or specifications that come from the Engineers.


Ridgecrest Subdivision Waterline Replacement Project, Houston, TX


ZESI provided complete construction management services including management and inspection for the City of Houston on the Ridgecrest Waterline Replacement Project that included 35,000 feet of 8-inch waterline constructed with bore and jack techniques. The construction cost estimate for this project is $1.3 million.




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